Numbers Game

“Numbers Game”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Damn the sun came up again

There’s lines of bright light on my bed

It makes hard work of sleeping in

When you drink most nights til 5am

It takes bout everything I have

To swing my legs over the edge and start again

Even my mirror’s disappointed in where I am


Pre Chorus

If comparison’s the thief of joy I’ve stolen all I can

I’d have to live well past 100 to feel good again



We all know how it gets played

You start out even and you can’t get back again

All I’ve ever had is letters to my name

And I’m afraid this here’s a numbers game


Verse 2

There’s that old storm cloud sneakin in

Turnin’ my dreams to common sense

Replacing blue with gray and dim

And I just let him

The margin’s getting pretty thin

My high’s and low’s are more like lines than waves I swim

I’m sure my friends are getting tired of hearing about it



I’ve never wanted for nothing

My mother’s loved me all my life

I’ve got a roof over my head and warm meals to eat at night

I think it’s time


Chorus 2

I change the way it gets played

Stop basing what I’m worth around my pay

If all I’ll ever have is letters to my name

That’s ok, ok



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Well I don’t know all the things you’ve done

Or just how many hearts you’ve won

But I’m not gonna wait on anyone’s maybe

Well I don’t know if you’re on your own

But I’m sure not the only one

That you’ve got hot round the collar

Wide open wallets baby



I’m a little bit cold when I think my time is wasted

I’ve been known to spit things out

When I don’t like how they’re tasting

I’m a little bit wild when I’ve had too much to drink

And I don’t much care about what them other boys think


Verse 2

Well I don’t know why you wore that dress

But that motion is seconded

And while it’s got my approval I’m for removal baby

And now I’m back in the game again

Riding your roller coaster skin

Baby you’ve got me competin’ planning & scheming & waiting



What would you do to a man like me

Should I find out or should I leave

What would you do to a man like me (x2)

Get There

“Get There”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Put on your shoes and an over-sized shirt

We’re going to the show

I got a friend that works at the bar

And our names are at the door



I know I don’t have money right now

But there’s lots of room in my bank account

I know you’re looking for a man that’s got a plan



I don’t pretend to know where I’m going going

I don’t pretend to know where I’m going but I’m sure

I don’t pretend to know where I’m going going

I don’t pretend to know where I’m going

But I’m sure I’ll get there


Verse 2

I’m not your Dad or your friends or your brother

I’m an angel when you need and a devil of a lover

And nobody ever made a damn thing giving up



There’s an old cliché 

The one about the bird and starting early every day

But all it ever meant to me

Was stay away from anything that’s got a beak 

Love Is Leaving

“Love Is Leaving”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I hate things ever have to end

I’d rather go down with the ship than start again

But I’d have to hold you at the bottom of the sea

Cause love is leaving what is left of you and me

I’m not sure how much I can take

But we’re limping closer to that limit every day

I’d rather be blind than be a color you can’t see

Oh love is leaving what is left of you and me



I don’t wanna talk about the weather

Never make love without a buzz

Fake smiles for pictures on our anniversary

While love is leaving what is left of you and me


Verse 2

I wish I knew just what to say

But you can’t leave things better than you found ‘em if you stay

Our light shines red while other pastures turn more green

Oh love is leaving what is left of you and me



I suppose that I could make my way through the holidays

Cause I don’t wanna send you home alone

But after Christmas time it’s new years and then valentine’s

I guess the spring’s the way to go



By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

I’m in trouble / Oh she wore the red dress

It’s got me feelin’ young and reckless

I was planning on leaving alone

& It can’t be right but it don’t feel wrong



Now I’m ordering shots at the bar 

We can blame the booze if it goes too far

This is stupid / We’re back in the loop

As both lean in for that 



Medicine / Medicine 

I just wanna feel good again / Good again

I don’t care if it’s temporary

I need the fix that you always give me

So cook it up / Cook it up / Gimme that medicine


Verse 2

It spilled over to the parking lot

Now we’re kissing in your car with the doors unlocked

All our friends are back inside 

Don’t know where we are but they’re not surprised



While I was buying us drinks all night

You were cutting ties with a boy you like

This is it / We can’t resist / As we both lean in for that  



Once the aftermath sets in are we back to lovers or just friends

Do we pretend that it never even happened



By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

Ain’t heard from you since a quarter to 10

You said I’m off at 2 if you can make it til then

So Im watching Fallon in my going out clothes

Black jean jacket just in case you show



You only get so many glasses from a bottle of wine

Before you reach for something harder

To pass a little more time



Waiting for you got drunk and stoned

Now it’s looking a lot like sleeping alone

I’ve been over the moon since our first sunset

Nobody keeps me waitin’ like Juliet


Verse 2

My bottle‘s empty and the bars are all closed

I’m pacing in circles & just checking my phone

Lady on TV’s selling diamond rings

And I’m getting’ ahead of myself I think



My eyes are heavy & my spirits low

Telling myself we only met a couple nights ago

As I’m about to shut it down I hear the sweetest sound

Dollars & Cents

“Dollars & Cents”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

We came form nothing

And we’re making our way back to where

We stole from our children like our children wouldn’t care

We bankrupted families

So that some of us could feast

And the crumbs on their tables is all we have left to eat



Dollars and cents, fears and regrets

We’ve become nothing but money and sex

We dumbed down our idols

We tied our own hands

We murdered for peace and we stole all our land

The home of the free seems to be all dollars and sense


Verse 2

We fear what is foreign

Like our families came from here

But our language was different

Back a couple hundred years

We can hoard all our riches

Thinking we can just pass it on down

But the walls to our castles

Stand on somebody else’s ground



We keep everyone from doing the things that we have done

We’ve forgotten our own past

Liquid Regret

“Liquid Regret”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I have been sweatin’ like a dog all day

My head is poundin’ and my muscles all ache

I must’ve gone too hard at my neighborhood bar

That’s what these texts from random numbers all say

I found my keys in my refridgerator

And there’s a half-eaten pizza on my floor

I must’ve gone too hard at my neighborhood bar

Least that’s the picture that my camera roll paints



Next time you see me shoot tequila after 2am

And dancin’ up on some tables with some bachelorettes

It means my liquid courage is spent

And I’m about to cash it in for liquid regret


Verse 2

They say if beer comes before liquor

You won’t remember being sicker

But if you have enough of one by the time that it’s gone

The other goes down even quicker



Stop me if you see me on my phone

There’s only one way that’ll go

All I need’s a taxi when I say I need Patron

Cause I hate to drink alone