Better Yet

“Better Yet”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Your tongue is poison and your lips can’t get away

From every evil little thing you make ‘em say

Your eyes are endless, like a canyon in the dark

And I’m afraid that you can’t see what you are


Pre Chorus

You’re ruled by fear

And overwhelmed by doubt and shame 

For what you’ve done

But you wouldn’t change a thing



When you think of her, better yet, don’t think of her

Don’t even breathe when she comes around

You don’t even need to make a sound

And when you see her, better yet, don’t see her

Don’t even wind up near the places that she’s ever been

Or you’ll be seeing me again


Verse 2

You hate yourself enough to make you hard to love

And you keep trading who you are for what you want

You’re getting careless, like you’re trying to get caught

And I’m afraid that you’ve stolen all you’ve got



You’ve gotta find a way

To get to a better place

But you’ll do it without me

Sick Sweet Symphony

“Sick, Sweet Symphony”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Have you ever thought of blowing yourself up for no good reason

Have you ever tried to drown your mind in a gallon of cabernet

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one

Have you ever felt the people you loved were only assigned to you

And the only reason they were kind

Was it’s what they were paid to do

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one



And it’s a sick, sweet symphony

We make it hard to live for free

But if you ever get a taste of what you’re after

You’ll never let it be


Verse 2

Have you ever tried telling your heart it’s all down hill from here

Hoping it would captain all of your organs so they would persevere

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one

Does your mind change second to second

And do you have trouble settling down

And have they written you a hundred prescriptions

But you just can’t turn it around

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one



I’m just a slave to my heart’s commandments

I’m beating horses deeper in the graves

I’m only breathing cause my lungs demand it

And just trying to make my way

Bad For Business

“Bad For Business”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Lately I wonder if I have what it takes to be me

If I’ll ever keep up with my busy, busy feet

And why would a woman ever want to keep up with my pace

If she got within reach I would only add length to the chase



You say you’re ok if we take things slow

But don’t really mean it

You just can’t let go



I’m gonna be bad for business

I’m gonna be more trouble than I’m worth

I’m gonna seem cool for a second

But less as the minute hands turn

You’re gonna get cold and restless

Cause I’m gonna show up underdressed and too late

I’ll make excuses and you’ll grow to hate 

That I’m good with words

And you’re gonna get hurt


Verse 2

King of the friendship, even better at being alone 

But I’m cagey and cold when a lover is getting too close

I’m anxiously waiting for a woman to capture my gaze

And to hold the attention that others have seen fall away



Is it right to keep practicing love 

When my half-hearted version is never enough

And if I just kept my feet on the floor would I slam less doors

Chemical Weapon

“Chemical Weapon”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

It’s too far for me to fall

To get back up and shake it off

This time a page has gotta turn

What fool did you take me for

Like I couldn’t walk through an open door

This time I’m finally gonna learn


Pre Chorus

That if a heart is kind it’s never gonna make it

Cause you are in disguise and sure gonna break it



Just like a chemical weapon (x 4)


Verse 2

Some loss and nothing gained

Was the recipe for the meals you made

This time I’m finally gonna leave it

I know how the saying goes

But revenge don’t mind if it’s hot or cold

This time I’m tryin’ not to need it



Set fire to either side

Light it up let it reach the sky

I won’t leave a stone unturned 

Til this bridge is finally burned



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I don’t know how your name ‘round town is

I don’t know what the up and down is

All I need to know is you

So close I can smell your hair

Get inside your eyes or breathe your air

Could be one where there was two



Pulling in and pushing out

Speeding up and slowing down



Jessica, if you knew me at all

You’d know that I can’t fall for you

Cause it would hurt too much

It would be too hot to the touch

And it would only pull us close and burn us both

And burn us both


Verse 2

I don’t know what I’m bound to say 

With my hands around your perfect waist

You make it hard to tell the truth

And I don’t know what I’m bound to do

When my lips are crying out for you 

I’ve got needs and feelings too



You tell me yes and mean no

You give me green and mean yellow



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I screamed myself to sleep last night

Couldn't clear my busy mind

Of the search for things I never get from life

I'm gettin better everyday

But a dollar's gettin hard to make

For a man that stands for anything at all



Don't lie to make it better

Don't try to tell me things are fine



I just need a little backbeat

Don't even need to hear a song

I can walk and whistle, tap my feet or sing along

I don't need doctor, there ain't a thing for what I got

I just need a little backbeat

I just need a little beat to get back up


Verse 2

Love and life are never fair

They push and pull you 'til you tear

And burn the pieces that you rip into

A little spark is all it takes

And you'll gladly give yourself away

To a cause or to a girl you barely know



And after all those choices

That led me to dead ends

They’re only dead if you get to scared

To start back up again

Sofa In The Sea

“Sofa In The Sea”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

If I could sail my house to yours don’t you know that

I would fasten all windows and doors 

I’d be on my way before the rising of the morn

And its’ low tide could keep my ship from sailing to your shore



You’d hear the roaring of the waves outside 

You’d know exactly what to do

I’d use my sofa as a lifeboat

I would sail it out to you



It could be you and me on a sofa in the sea

On the best ride of our lives

We could pretend that when we got where our trip would end

We’d just climb right back inside

Until our couch capsized

Til our couch capsized    


Verse 2

If I could be so bold to say

You could be the captain I would surely be your mate

We could both get married I would gladly take your name

Or we could just hold hands



The world won’t care about

The fact that they’re without the two of us 

Because our love’s so strong



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

One night in a bedroom you couldn’t ease your mind

Seven years on the table

Deep breath and closed your eyes 

Didn’t get it right

You made a sloppy exit

She wasn’t far behind

I looked in all directions

You knew you needed to hide



Heartbreaker won’t you feel brand new

Once you’ve broken down another love or two

You’re sick and twisted if you don’t feel shame

You hate to play it but you love the, love the game


Verse 2

I made the same drive over I’d made a hundred times

Hoping I wouldn’t find you

Praying I wasn’t right

I came around the corner

A fire in my eyes

It could have boiled an ocean

Your car was in that drive



I had my fist closed tight

Walked up and came inside

Got used to fighting for your team

But you didn’t have a team that night