Sofa In The Sea

“Sofa In The Sea”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

If I could sail my house to yours don’t you know that

I would fasten all windows and doors 

I’d be on my way before the rising of the morn

And its’ low tide could keep my ship from sailing to your shore



You’d hear the roaring of the waves outside 

You’d know exactly what to do

I’d use my sofa as a lifeboat

I would sail it out to you



It could be you and me on a sofa in the sea

On the best ride of our lives

We could pretend that when we got where our trip would end

We’d just climb right back inside

Until our couch capsized

Til our couch capsized    


Verse 2

If I could be so bold to say

You could be the captain I would surely be your mate

We could both get married I would gladly take your name

Or we could just hold hands



The world won’t care about

The fact that they’re without the two of us 

Because our love’s so strong