Should've Known

“Should’ve Known”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You’re welcome for all 

All of your stories and friends

I’m sure I’ll see you once you get tired of them

Go get your own life

You’re stealing pieces of mine

And telling friends they took you forever to


Pre Chorus

Find your place

Just make sure it isn’t in my way



You be the sound of leaving

I’ll be the background

So tired of trying to save you over and over again

You’re only imitating what I take time creating 

Don’t like a thought of your own

I should’ve known


Verse 2

You’ve got this role down

Know every corner and curve

You write the script so you never need to get hurt

Go get your own mind 

You’re stealing pieces of mine

And telling friends they took you forever to



You’ve lost your fire

You’ve lost your heat

I took the best thing that you had with me

Once sloppy seconds have lost their shine

You’ll take a number for the next in line

After Tonight

“After Tonight”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I don't usually do this and I'm sure there's a reason why

But I can't think of one that's good enough to not say hi

Although I don't even know

Just what we'll do or where we'll go

I was hoping you would come with me



After a pregnant pause you took my hand inside of yours

And whispered I know just the place



Hey this is crazy you're amazing 

I don't know you at all but your eyes are alive and I'm already planning the next 10 years of our lives

After tonight I would sell my name if it meant that the 

Sun wouldn't rise on tonight tonight yeah tonight


Verse 2

I'm not one for playing dumb when I know just what this could become and I don't wanna let you slip away

I could write your number on my hand or tie some string between two cans oh for you I'd do anything it takes



Wake up next to me inspire my heart to keep it's beat

Touch my chest or take my name in vain

I'm all yours either way

Always Never Change

“Always Never Change”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You were the one who came to me

Saying I’m sorry this isn’t working baby

You were the one who had to leave

I was just on the way to where you were going someday



But I’m finished this time

Taking you back’s a bad habit of mine



And I’m never gonna take you up again

I couldn’t live you down

You take the northside baby

I’ll sleep alone downtown

I’m never gonna waste another breath

Trying to make you stay

I’m gonna always love you

You’re gonna always never change


Verse 2

I was the one who couldn’t see

All of the bad we were through all the good we could be

I was the one who lied to me

And said it was worth the hurt to keep from failing



You can crash all my parties on the weekends

You can date all my friends

But I don’t vacation where I’ve already lived



“North For The Winter”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Tell me a lie / One that sounds so true

I could take it to my grave / Even if there were no proof

Just give me something / I can hold on to

In a world that believes in nothing / I chose to believe in you



But you made me foolish / When you took what you’d need

And jumped out my window / Like a kid with a knotted sheet



So I’m gonna go north for the winter

Where they don’t know my name

Run til the temperatures change

North for the winter hoppin’ train to train

And hope that the cold dulls the pain

And strengthens my name

And changes my frame


Verse 2

Give me a courage / No one’s ever seen

Carve it out of a mountain / Let it burn like gasoline

So I can move forward / To fight the fear in me

Become the men I admire / Not the one that you thought I’d be



Every place that I see

Is a memory made with you next to me

And everyone that I know in this town

Asks me why you’re not around

Better Yet

“Better Yet”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Your tongue is poison and your lips can’t get away

From every evil little thing you make ‘em say

Your eyes are endless, like a canyon in the dark

And I’m afraid that you can’t see what you are


Pre Chorus

You’re ruled by fear

And overwhelmed by doubt and shame 

For what you’ve done

But you wouldn’t change a thing



When you think of her, better yet, don’t think of her

Don’t even breathe when she comes around

You don’t even need to make a sound

And when you see her, better yet, don’t see her

Don’t even wind up near the places that she’s ever been

Or you’ll be seeing me again


Verse 2

You hate yourself enough to make you hard to love

And you keep trading who you are for what you want

You’re getting careless, like you’re trying to get caught

And I’m afraid that you’ve stolen all you’ve got



You’ve gotta find a way

To get to a better place

But you’ll do it without me

Sick Sweet Symphony

“Sick, Sweet Symphony”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Have you ever thought of blowing yourself up for no good reason

Have you ever tried to drown your mind in a gallon of cabernet

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one

Have you ever felt the people you loved were only assigned to you

And the only reason they were kind

Was it’s what they were paid to do

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one



And it’s a sick, sweet symphony

We make it hard to live for free

But if you ever get a taste of what you’re after

You’ll never let it be


Verse 2

Have you ever tried telling your heart it’s all down hill from here

Hoping it would captain all of your organs so they would persevere

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one

Does your mind change second to second

And do you have trouble settling down

And have they written you a hundred prescriptions

But you just can’t turn it around

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one



I’m just a slave to my heart’s commandments

I’m beating horses deeper in the graves

I’m only breathing cause my lungs demand it

And just trying to make my way

Bad For Business

“Bad For Business”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Lately I wonder if I have what it takes to be me

If I’ll ever keep up with my busy, busy feet

And why would a woman ever want to keep up with my pace

If she got within reach I would only add length to the chase



You say you’re ok if we take things slow

But don’t really mean it

You just can’t let go



I’m gonna be bad for business

I’m gonna be more trouble than I’m worth

I’m gonna seem cool for a second

But less as the minute hands turn

You’re gonna get cold and restless

Cause I’m gonna show up underdressed and too late

I’ll make excuses and you’ll grow to hate 

That I’m good with words

And you’re gonna get hurt


Verse 2

King of the friendship, even better at being alone 

But I’m cagey and cold when a lover is getting too close

I’m anxiously waiting for a woman to capture my gaze

And to hold the attention that others have seen fall away



Is it right to keep practicing love 

When my half-hearted version is never enough

And if I just kept my feet on the floor would I slam less doors

Chemical Weapon

“Chemical Weapon”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

It’s too far for me to fall

To get back up and shake it off

This time a page has gotta turn

What fool did you take me for

Like I couldn’t walk through an open door

This time I’m finally gonna learn


Pre Chorus

That if a heart is kind it’s never gonna make it

Cause you are in disguise and sure gonna break it



Just like a chemical weapon (x 4)


Verse 2

Some loss and nothing gained

Was the recipe for the meals you made

This time I’m finally gonna leave it

I know how the saying goes

But revenge don’t mind if it’s hot or cold

This time I’m tryin’ not to need it



Set fire to either side

Light it up let it reach the sky

I won’t leave a stone unturned 

Til this bridge is finally burned