By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Well I gotta do better than I ever have ever

Bet small when it’s early on

But my head starts spinnin’ when a woman gets in it

Bleeds me dry and then she’s gone



Oh I’m a fool for love and you’re a mean-hearted woman

& I’ve been down on my luck so long

You’re makin’ storms look better

Than alone and in good weather

& I’m afraid that I can’t say no

So I need you to let me go


Verse 2

I got a big brother and a very good mother

My daddy sings it just like me

And I’m ashamed to say that if it meant you’d walk away

I’d probably trade ‘em in all three



There ain’t a good way to say stay away

I don’t wanna waste another day

Under your spell or in your hell

I’m over it

Honey Bee

“Honey Bee”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I like the life of a honey bee

Plays the whole thing out with just one sting

And if she can’t learn how to just be kind

She’ll have to leave the ones she loves behind




Misunderstood at picnics, swatted down at baseball games

Keeping flowers blooming while you try to earn your name



You’re just flying over families

Just beyond our reach

Running for your life so you can stay

You use your wings and keep your anger put away

Cause you’ve learned how to live to sting another day


Verse 2

You put the flavor in our tea

But in the spring you make us itch and sneeze

For the sweetest taste we sing your praise

But for the yellow dust we curse your name



Ain’t it just like people being at each other’s throats

Focused our difference

When what’s in common weighs the most

Historical Marker Marker

“Historical Marker Marker”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I’m an historical marker marker, I ain’t made of brick or stone

Just a thin brown sheet of metal bolted to a long gray pole

I’ve never seen the battlefield my brother’s plaque describes

I just stand up straight and pray that travelers take the time



Hey someday, I hope my letters fade

Oh my bolt comes loose and turns my face

I don’t need the glory or the fame

I’d just love to feel a brand new coat of paint

And a heeling hand to set me back up straight


Verse 2

I’m an historical marker marker

There ain’t weather I ain’t seen

Or a single make and model burnin’ oil and gasoline

It’s been a couple thousand days since

I was forged, and cooled, and shaped and

Brought here and hammered into place



And every time it rains I fear for every driver passing here

And the crashes break my heart

And I pretend that speeding cars

Are meteors and shooting stars

When their headlights break the dark



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You can be safe with me today

Inside this house enough for now



Wouldn’t you say it’s time

You touched your lips to mine



You can be brave tomorrow

You can make waves and rock boats 

But baby just stay inside these walls tonight

You can be brave tomorrow

You can make waves and rock boats

But baby just stay inside these walls oh, oh

You can be brave tomorrow


Verse 2

You work too hard to try and guard

A part of you I can’t get to



You’ve had your unfair share of poetry and lies

So you locked your heart away with boundaries and lines



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I spend all my nights on the lower east side

Like they might turn out to be the last I’m alive

But oh, Manhattan, it was too close for comfort last night

I woke up in Brooklyn and didn’t know why

Had a head full of questions and a pain in my side

Oh, Manhattan, think we danced quite a number last night



You led the way with your hand on my chest

As we stumbled the streets smoking $10 cigarettes

And with daylight approaching and our drinks running dry

Oh, Manhattan, you kissed me goodnight

Got in a cab and then yelled out the side

See you next time


Verse 2

Made my way cross the river with steps to retrace

No keys in my pocket but a smile on my face

Oh, Manhattan, not an inch of this town goes to waste

Headed down to the corner of Broadway & 8th

Found my keys and my coat, closed the tab in my name

Oh, Manhattan, You’re expensive but never a shame



I never leave quite enough time

To drive all your streets, bridges, tunnels, and lines

But if you keep the lights on I’ll keep stopping by



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I was rough and rugged

I was worse for wear

Took a bath in bourbon before I even got there

I needed warmth like a sailor who was lost at sea

For a couple thirsty nights that just now found the beach



And I can’t go back out

Maybe ever but at least not now



You said it’s OK, I hate boats anyway

And it blew me down and ripped me apart

It’s OK, I hate boats anyway

But I’d love to take a walk and just talk, just talk


Verse 2

Stealing all my sorrow, breathing all my pain

You put it on like a heavy coat

And ran out in the rain

God knows I couldn’t, I know I tried

Screaming at the sea and begging for a kinder tide



Clean up my heart and pick a side

Cause I can’t be without you after tonight

Cause I might go back out

So I can be there when your sun goes down


One More Time

“One More Time”

By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

I got mad and showed her the door

Said “I don’t wanna see you ‘round town no more”

She came back at a quarter to 12

Had a handle in her hand and the other one on my 

I should’ve known it would end like this

Girl you had me dodging bullets from your very first kiss

White lies can end up black if you add enough up

And start to lose track



And I’m not not not not not saying no

But I need need need need need you to go

Cause you know what I like and the devil inside’s

Saying what what what what’s one more time


Verse 2

You’ve got your bases covered, secret lovers

Hidden numbers on your phone

You’ve been off and on it all night long 

And telling me that nothing’s wrong

Paranoia’s setting in

Got me second guessing you once again

Less sleep more cigarettes

It’s a broke down record that I can’t fix



You know a lot about changing my mind

You get your way most every time

And I’m afraid if I kicked you out

You’d just catch and burn me down

Alabama Blue Eyes

“Alabama Blue Eyes”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Maybe it’s time I dipped my toes back in and

Tested out the water, See what the temperature is

Maybe this time I’ll go a little bit slower

Try to get to know her before I rush to diving right back in



But it feels a lot like love

The kind Sinatra sang those songs about that nobody’s sick of



I can Tennessee see myself tonight in your Alabama blue eyes

And My Carolina love is at an all time high

I can Tennessee see myself tonight in your Alabama blue eyes


Verse 2

What do you say we skip a bit ahead and 

Get out of town together, see how the chemistry is

We could go find ourselves some trouble baby

Nothing too crazy

Just wild enough to get away with it



Florence and Waterloo they got together and sent me you

And I never fell so hard

Florida might’ve raised you but your daddy’s music

Gave you the beat of a Crimson heart