By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Well I gotta do better than I ever have ever

Bet small when it’s early on

But my head starts spinnin’ when a woman gets in it

Bleeds me dry and then she’s gone



Oh I’m a fool for love and you’re a mean-hearted woman

& I’ve been down on my luck so long

You’re makin’ storms look better

Than alone and in good weather

& I’m afraid that I can’t say no

So I need you to let me go


Verse 2

I got a big brother and a very good mother

My daddy sings it just like me

And I’m ashamed to say that if it meant you’d walk away

I’d probably trade ‘em in all three



There ain’t a good way to say stay away

I don’t wanna waste another day

Under your spell or in your hell

I’m over it