Need To Know

“Need To Know”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

6 dresses on your bedroom floor

6 never made it out the door

But then you poured yourself in 7

And you knew you’d be the center of attention

And you say kiss me, touch me

Just won’t leave me alone

You’re getting’ closer to me

You’re pullin’ at my clothes



I don’t need to know your name

I can see it in your eyes that you love to play games

Cause I can feel your hand on the back of my neck

Workin’ down to my chest and it’s makin’ me sweat

But you’re waitin’ on your boyfriend to come back

I don’t need to know your name if I can’t use oh

If I can’t use it, If I can’t use it


Verse 2

6 minutes we were out on the floor

In 6 minutes, had me wantin’ 6 more

Oh I never got to 7

But I know that you were lovin’ the attention

Then you kissed me, touched me

And said you had to go

You said you hated to leave

You wanted so much more



I’d like to think that I would know much better

That if you called me I would leave you be

But something tells me that it would not matter

I only melt in heat