Honey Bee

“Honey Bee”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I like the life of a honey bee

Plays the whole thing out with just one sting

And if she can’t learn how to just be kind

She’ll have to leave the ones she loves behind




Misunderstood at picnics, swatted down at baseball games

Keeping flowers blooming while you try to earn your name



You’re just flying over families

Just beyond our reach

Running for your life so you can stay

You use your wings and keep your anger put away

Cause you’ve learned how to live to sting another day


Verse 2

You put the flavor in our tea

But in the spring you make us itch and sneeze

For the sweetest taste we sing your praise

But for the yellow dust we curse your name



Ain’t it just like people being at each other’s throats

Focused our difference

When what’s in common weighs the most