Historical Marker Marker

“Historical Marker Marker”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I’m an historical marker marker, I ain’t made of brick or stone

Just a thin brown sheet of metal bolted to a long gray pole

I’ve never seen the battlefield my brother’s plaque describes

I just stand up straight and pray that travelers take the time



Hey someday, I hope my letters fade

Oh my bolt comes loose and turns my face

I don’t need the glory or the fame

I’d just love to feel a brand new coat of paint

And a heeling hand to set me back up straight


Verse 2

I’m an historical marker marker

There ain’t weather I ain’t seen

Or a single make and model burnin’ oil and gasoline

It’s been a couple thousand days since

I was forged, and cooled, and shaped and

Brought here and hammered into place



And every time it rains I fear for every driver passing here

And the crashes break my heart

And I pretend that speeding cars

Are meteors and shooting stars

When their headlights break the dark