One More Time

“One More Time”

By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

I got mad and showed her the door

Said “I don’t wanna see you ‘round town no more”

She came back at a quarter to 12

Had a handle in her hand and the other one on my 

I should’ve known it would end like this

Girl you had me dodging bullets from your very first kiss

White lies can end up black if you add enough up

And start to lose track



And I’m not not not not not saying no

But I need need need need need you to go

Cause you know what I like and the devil inside’s

Saying what what what what’s one more time


Verse 2

You’ve got your bases covered, secret lovers

Hidden numbers on your phone

You’ve been off and on it all night long 

And telling me that nothing’s wrong

Paranoia’s setting in

Got me second guessing you once again

Less sleep more cigarettes

It’s a broke down record that I can’t fix



You know a lot about changing my mind

You get your way most every time

And I’m afraid if I kicked you out

You’d just catch and burn me down