By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I was rough and rugged

I was worse for wear

Took a bath in bourbon before I even got there

I needed warmth like a sailor who was lost at sea

For a couple thirsty nights that just now found the beach



And I can’t go back out

Maybe ever but at least not now



You said it’s OK, I hate boats anyway

And it blew me down and ripped me apart

It’s OK, I hate boats anyway

But I’d love to take a walk and just talk, just talk


Verse 2

Stealing all my sorrow, breathing all my pain

You put it on like a heavy coat

And ran out in the rain

God knows I couldn’t, I know I tried

Screaming at the sea and begging for a kinder tide



Clean up my heart and pick a side

Cause I can’t be without you after tonight

Cause I might go back out

So I can be there when your sun goes down