By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I spend all my nights on the lower east side

Like they might turn out to be the last I’m alive

But oh, Manhattan, it was too close for comfort last night

I woke up in Brooklyn and didn’t know why

Had a head full of questions and a pain in my side

Oh, Manhattan, think we danced quite a number last night



You led the way with your hand on my chest

As we stumbled the streets smoking $10 cigarettes

And with daylight approaching and our drinks running dry

Oh, Manhattan, you kissed me goodnight

Got in a cab and then yelled out the side

See you next time


Verse 2

Made my way cross the river with steps to retrace

No keys in my pocket but a smile on my face

Oh, Manhattan, not an inch of this town goes to waste

Headed down to the corner of Broadway & 8th

Found my keys and my coat, closed the tab in my name

Oh, Manhattan, You’re expensive but never a shame



I never leave quite enough time

To drive all your streets, bridges, tunnels, and lines

But if you keep the lights on I’ll keep stopping by