By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I screamed myself to sleep last night

Couldn't clear my busy mind

Of the search for things I never get from life

I'm gettin better everyday

But a dollar's gettin hard to make

For a man that stands for anything at all



Don't lie to make it better

Don't try to tell me things are fine



I just need a little backbeat

Don't even need to hear a song

I can walk and whistle, tap my feet or sing along

I don't need doctor, there ain't a thing for what I got

I just need a little backbeat

I just need a little beat to get back up


Verse 2

Love and life are never fair

They push and pull you 'til you tear

And burn the pieces that you rip into

A little spark is all it takes

And you'll gladly give yourself away

To a cause or to a girl you barely know



And after all those choices

That led me to dead ends

They’re only dead if you get to scared

To start back up again