By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I don’t know how your name ‘round town is

I don’t know what the up and down is

All I need to know is you

So close I can smell your hair

Get inside your eyes or breathe your air

Could be one where there was two



Pulling in and pushing out

Speeding up and slowing down



Jessica, if you knew me at all

You’d know that I can’t fall for you

Cause it would hurt too much

It would be too hot to the touch

And it would only pull us close and burn us both

And burn us both


Verse 2

I don’t know what I’m bound to say 

With my hands around your perfect waist

You make it hard to tell the truth

And I don’t know what I’m bound to do

When my lips are crying out for you 

I’ve got needs and feelings too



You tell me yes and mean no

You give me green and mean yellow