Chemical Weapon

“Chemical Weapon”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

It’s too far for me to fall

To get back up and shake it off

This time a page has gotta turn

What fool did you take me for

Like I couldn’t walk through an open door

This time I’m finally gonna learn


Pre Chorus

That if a heart is kind it’s never gonna make it

Cause you are in disguise and sure gonna break it



Just like a chemical weapon (x 4)


Verse 2

Some loss and nothing gained

Was the recipe for the meals you made

This time I’m finally gonna leave it

I know how the saying goes

But revenge don’t mind if it’s hot or cold

This time I’m tryin’ not to need it



Set fire to either side

Light it up let it reach the sky

I won’t leave a stone unturned 

Til this bridge is finally burned