By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

One night in a bedroom you couldn’t ease your mind

Seven years on the table

Deep breath and closed your eyes 

Didn’t get it right

You made a sloppy exit

She wasn’t far behind

I looked in all directions

You knew you needed to hide



Heartbreaker won’t you feel brand new

Once you’ve broken down another love or two

You’re sick and twisted if you don’t feel shame

You hate to play it but you love the, love the game


Verse 2

I made the same drive over I’d made a hundred times

Hoping I wouldn’t find you

Praying I wasn’t right

I came around the corner

A fire in my eyes

It could have boiled an ocean

Your car was in that drive



I had my fist closed tight

Walked up and came inside

Got used to fighting for your team

But you didn’t have a team that night