Better Yet

“Better Yet”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Your tongue is poison and your lips can’t get away

From every evil little thing you make ‘em say

Your eyes are endless, like a canyon in the dark

And I’m afraid that you can’t see what you are


Pre Chorus

You’re ruled by fear

And overwhelmed by doubt and shame 

For what you’ve done

But you wouldn’t change a thing



When you think of her, better yet, don’t think of her

Don’t even breathe when she comes around

You don’t even need to make a sound

And when you see her, better yet, don’t see her

Don’t even wind up near the places that she’s ever been

Or you’ll be seeing me again


Verse 2

You hate yourself enough to make you hard to love

And you keep trading who you are for what you want

You’re getting careless, like you’re trying to get caught

And I’m afraid that you’ve stolen all you’ve got



You’ve gotta find a way

To get to a better place

But you’ll do it without me