“North For The Winter”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Tell me a lie / One that sounds so true

I could take it to my grave / Even if there were no proof

Just give me something / I can hold on to

In a world that believes in nothing / I chose to believe in you



But you made me foolish / When you took what you’d need

And jumped out my window / Like a kid with a knotted sheet



So I’m gonna go north for the winter

Where they don’t know my name

Run til the temperatures change

North for the winter hoppin’ train to train

And hope that the cold dulls the pain

And strengthens my name

And changes my frame


Verse 2

Give me a courage / No one’s ever seen

Carve it out of a mountain / Let it burn like gasoline

So I can move forward / To fight the fear in me

Become the men I admire / Not the one that you thought I’d be



Every place that I see

Is a memory made with you next to me

And everyone that I know in this town

Asks me why you’re not around