Always Never Change

“Always Never Change”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You were the one who came to me

Saying I’m sorry this isn’t working baby

You were the one who had to leave

I was just on the way to where you were going someday



But I’m finished this time

Taking you back’s a bad habit of mine



And I’m never gonna take you up again

I couldn’t live you down

You take the northside baby

I’ll sleep alone downtown

I’m never gonna waste another breath

Trying to make you stay

I’m gonna always love you

You’re gonna always never change


Verse 2

I was the one who couldn’t see

All of the bad we were through all the good we could be

I was the one who lied to me

And said it was worth the hurt to keep from failing



You can crash all my parties on the weekends

You can date all my friends

But I don’t vacation where I’ve already lived