After Tonight

“After Tonight”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I don't usually do this and I'm sure there's a reason why

But I can't think of one that's good enough to not say hi

Although I don't even know

Just what we'll do or where we'll go

I was hoping you would come with me



After a pregnant pause you took my hand inside of yours

And whispered I know just the place



Hey this is crazy you're amazing 

I don't know you at all but your eyes are alive and I'm already planning the next 10 years of our lives

After tonight I would sell my name if it meant that the 

Sun wouldn't rise on tonight tonight yeah tonight


Verse 2

I'm not one for playing dumb when I know just what this could become and I don't wanna let you slip away

I could write your number on my hand or tie some string between two cans oh for you I'd do anything it takes



Wake up next to me inspire my heart to keep it's beat

Touch my chest or take my name in vain

I'm all yours either way