Dollars & Cents

“Dollars & Cents”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

We came form nothing

And we’re making our way back to where

We stole from our children like our children wouldn’t care

We bankrupted families

So that some of us could feast

And the crumbs on their tables is all we have left to eat



Dollars and cents, fears and regrets

We’ve become nothing but money and sex

We dumbed down our idols

We tied our own hands

We murdered for peace and we stole all our land

The home of the free seems to be all dollars and sense


Verse 2

We fear what is foreign

Like our families came from here

But our language was different

Back a couple hundred years

We can hoard all our riches

Thinking we can just pass it on down

But the walls to our castles

Stand on somebody else’s ground



We keep everyone from doing the things that we have done

We’ve forgotten our own past