By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

Ain’t heard from you since a quarter to 10

You said I’m off at 2 if you can make it til then

So Im watching Fallon in my going out clothes

Black jean jacket just in case you show



You only get so many glasses from a bottle of wine

Before you reach for something harder

To pass a little more time



Waiting for you got drunk and stoned

Now it’s looking a lot like sleeping alone

I’ve been over the moon since our first sunset

Nobody keeps me waitin’ like Juliet


Verse 2

My bottle‘s empty and the bars are all closed

I’m pacing in circles & just checking my phone

Lady on TV’s selling diamond rings

And I’m getting’ ahead of myself I think



My eyes are heavy & my spirits low

Telling myself we only met a couple nights ago

As I’m about to shut it down I hear the sweetest sound