By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

I’m in trouble / Oh she wore the red dress

It’s got me feelin’ young and reckless

I was planning on leaving alone

& It can’t be right but it don’t feel wrong



Now I’m ordering shots at the bar 

We can blame the booze if it goes too far

This is stupid / We’re back in the loop

As both lean in for that 



Medicine / Medicine 

I just wanna feel good again / Good again

I don’t care if it’s temporary

I need the fix that you always give me

So cook it up / Cook it up / Gimme that medicine


Verse 2

It spilled over to the parking lot

Now we’re kissing in your car with the doors unlocked

All our friends are back inside 

Don’t know where we are but they’re not surprised



While I was buying us drinks all night

You were cutting ties with a boy you like

This is it / We can’t resist / As we both lean in for that  



Once the aftermath sets in are we back to lovers or just friends

Do we pretend that it never even happened