Liquid Regret

“Liquid Regret”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I have been sweatin’ like a dog all day

My head is poundin’ and my muscles all ache

I must’ve gone too hard at my neighborhood bar

That’s what these texts from random numbers all say

I found my keys in my refridgerator

And there’s a half-eaten pizza on my floor

I must’ve gone too hard at my neighborhood bar

Least that’s the picture that my camera roll paints



Next time you see me shoot tequila after 2am

And dancin’ up on some tables with some bachelorettes

It means my liquid courage is spent

And I’m about to cash it in for liquid regret


Verse 2

They say if beer comes before liquor

You won’t remember being sicker

But if you have enough of one by the time that it’s gone

The other goes down even quicker



Stop me if you see me on my phone

There’s only one way that’ll go

All I need’s a taxi when I say I need Patron

Cause I hate to drink alone