Numbers Game

“Numbers Game”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Damn the sun came up again

There’s lines of bright light on my bed

It makes hard work of sleeping in

When you drink most nights til 5am

It takes bout everything I have

To swing my legs over the edge and start again

Even my mirror’s disappointed in where I am


Pre Chorus

If comparison’s the thief of joy I’ve stolen all I can

I’d have to live well past 100 to feel good again



We all know how it gets played

You start out even and you can’t get back again

All I’ve ever had is letters to my name

And I’m afraid this here’s a numbers game


Verse 2

There’s that old storm cloud sneakin in

Turnin’ my dreams to common sense

Replacing blue with gray and dim

And I just let him

The margin’s getting pretty thin

My high’s and low’s are more like lines than waves I swim

I’m sure my friends are getting tired of hearing about it



I’ve never wanted for nothing

My mother’s loved me all my life

I’ve got a roof over my head and warm meals to eat at night

I think it’s time


Chorus 2

I change the way it gets played

Stop basing what I’m worth around my pay

If all I’ll ever have is letters to my name

That’s ok, ok