By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Well I don’t know all the things you’ve done

Or just how many hearts you’ve won

But I’m not gonna wait on anyone’s maybe

Well I don’t know if you’re on your own

But I’m sure not the only one

That you’ve got hot round the collar

Wide open wallets baby



I’m a little bit cold when I think my time is wasted

I’ve been known to spit things out

When I don’t like how they’re tasting

I’m a little bit wild when I’ve had too much to drink

And I don’t much care about what them other boys think


Verse 2

Well I don’t know why you wore that dress

But that motion is seconded

And while it’s got my approval I’m for removal baby

And now I’m back in the game again

Riding your roller coaster skin

Baby you’ve got me competin’ planning & scheming & waiting



What would you do to a man like me

Should I find out or should I leave

What would you do to a man like me (x2)