Chased Me Down

“Chased Me Down”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

All night I was doin’ fine just wanderin’ the whiskey world

Alright out of sight and mind runnin’ game on some other girls



And it didn’t even make a sound

When your love came and chased me



Down down down down chased me down

Your love came and chased me

Down down down

Your love came and chased me down


Verse 2

Tongue-tied lookin left and right

For the potion that you were passin’

Thought I was a bird in flight

Turns out I was slowly landin’



Walkin’ away from you wasn’t easy

But stayin’ away is proving fleeting

Good Love

“Good Love”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

In the back of my mind there’s a bottle of bourbon 

And a girl that I met last night

Well I took ‘em both down to the edge of the river

And we had us a real good time

In the back of my head there’s a conversation

Should I call her or make her sweat

And I’m wonderin’ if she took a sip of my whiskey

With a piece of my heart in it



Good love, good Lord

Good God good lovin’ on the river shore

The whiskey is long gone

But the buzz from you and me’s still going strong


Verse 2

On the back of my neck there’s a couple of scratches

That I’m pretty sure came from you

Either that or I got ‘em by bein’ on the bottom

Of a hard-hittin’ kiss or two

On the back of my hand there’s a phone number written

With a heart where the zero goes

And I’m thinkin’ of dialin’ and drinkin’ and smilin’

With a girl that I can’t let go



Any given time or any place

Never know just when your life can change



By: Steve Everett & Adam Doleac


Verse 1

Slap bracelets / LL Bean

Couple’s skate at the roller rink 

From Full House to Dawson’s Creek

You and me since ‘93

Failing math but passing notes

Checking boxes yes or no

I was Jansport & JNCO Jeans

To your Puka shells and Abercrombie



I can give you what you want

Know exactly what you need

Girl I’ve known you since Ms. Davidson taught us how to read

Used to chase you on the playground

Patches on my knees

Oh I’ve been loving you since LMNOP


Verse 2

8th grade when Bryan C. stole you right away from me

Tried my best to leave you be 

Til he broke your heart and you called me

High school came and high school went

Left for college still just friends

Freshman year with you again

A fresh start with the same old end



It’s been a couple years or three / And I was startin’ to think

That you forgot about me / And then the phone rings 



By: Steve Everett & Charlie Berry


Verse 1

Doing some jean jacket last call trying

Smoking my last cigarette

Yeah I’d take another beer if you’re buying

Cause I ain’t ready to go home yet

See I’ve been aiming at Amy since Lisa

Saving up all this minimum wage

I got 4 good tires 3 days of vacation

And I’m too buzzed to wonder this way



Hey Amy

What do you say you save me

A dance a kiss a drag a sip

A place in your heart maybe

Why don’t you save me

What do you say you save me


Verse 2

Those lights will come on any minute

They’ll be puttin’ that old jukebox to bed

I can’t spend another week

Not knowing what you think

About these words I haven’t said



I’m not trying to slow you down

You could do worse in this town