Long Year

“Long Year”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Woke up way too early one morning late last fall

Couldn’t hear you breathing, couldn’t feel you on my arm

Lord the room was freezing with the window open wide

Spent the next month sleeping all alone & on your side



It’s been a long year and some dark, dark nights

Since you threw a lasso ‘round the moon & rode it outta sight

I could see where you were headed so I tried to rope the sun

But he just burned my lasso off & said

Boy you’ve gotta let love run, It’s been a long year


Verse 2

I used to think your father’s love advice was always right

He said boy keep movin’, you’ll forget her face in time

He couldn’t have been wronger if wronger was a word

Cause your memory’s stronger than the best advice I’ve heard



And every shooting star that I see

I can’t help but wonder if you’re driving

And maybe you’re up in the sea of tranquility 

Waitin’ on me to be what you need

So you can come back down and try it