Never Love You

“Never Love You”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I’ve got a real bad habit of thinking I’m the one

Who can put things right when no one else could get it done

But a thing stays broken when it’s broken for so long

All I do is paint myself another shade of wrong



I could never love you but I’m sure I’d like to try

Lost causes turn me on and cut me like a knife

You say you’re broken and I just might be the cure

I’d love to fix you up and leave you wanting more


Verse 2

We could last the weekend we could talk all night

I could let my shoulder soak up every tear you cry

But the morning’s coming and the Monday sun

Brings back the pain from all the battles that you’ve won



I’m leaving with nothing

Cause you’re not gonna change

I hate to admit it but I like it that way