Jet Black Heart

“Jet Black Heart”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You use your sex like a weapon

You wear a smile like a lie

You’re dressing down for the battle

You’re gonna win if you’re gonna fight

You look a lot like your Mother

You talk a lot like your Dad

Half of you hates the other

But you keep on crawling back



And when the angel on your shoulder

Starts to talk a bit too loud

You just reach right for the bottle

Til the devil comes around



You’ve got a jet black heart 

And a pair of eyes that look a lot like paradise

I was a fool to listen and a fool to listen twice

You look a lot like heaven

The kind that hurts like hell

You’ve got a jet black heart but sure do wear it well


Verse 2

You wear a dress like it’s honey drippin’ off your frame

You never make your way back home til someone’s had a taste

You swear it off every morning but when the sun goes down

You get an ice cold itch you’d rather scratch than go without



You’ve got a broken soul to sell

And some debts to pay as well

You never trust yourself alone

You’d rather rent than buy your own