By: Steve Everett & Adam Doleac


Verse 1

Slap bracelets / LL Bean

Couple’s skate at the roller rink 

From Full House to Dawson’s Creek

You and me since ‘93

Failing math but passing notes

Checking boxes yes or no

I was Jansport & JNCO Jeans

To your Puka shells and Abercrombie



I can give you what you want

Know exactly what you need

Girl I’ve known you since Ms. Davidson taught us how to read

Used to chase you on the playground

Patches on my knees

Oh I’ve been loving you since LMNOP


Verse 2

8th grade when Bryan C. stole you right away from me

Tried my best to leave you be 

Til he broke your heart and you called me

High school came and high school went

Left for college still just friends

Freshman year with you again

A fresh start with the same old end



It’s been a couple years or three / And I was startin’ to think

That you forgot about me / And then the phone rings