Fake It

“Fake It”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I dress like I’m famous and talk like I’m cool

I’m not sure if it’s more for me or you

I’m wearing all black in the middle of June

I’ve got my jeans rolled up just to show off my boots



I’m dressed for success

I’m going for gold

I’d rather strike out on three straight pitches

Than have regrets when I get old

Well you can wait to feel like someone

Til the world discovers you

I’d rather fake it til I make it than make due

I’d rather fake it until I make that just get through 


Verse 2

I’m renting a room in a house downtown

I can’t afford booze but there’re bars all around

I don’t have but one bulb not burned out

But I’ve got a cool spot when my friends come down



Not an awful lot would change

If I had one song on the radio waves

Probably pay my bills on time and have a lot more light at night

And buy myself a new guitar or two