By: Steve Everett & Charlie Berry


Verse 1

Doing some jean jacket last call trying

Smoking my last cigarette

Yeah I’d take another beer if you’re buying

Cause I ain’t ready to go home yet

See I’ve been aiming at Amy since Lisa

Saving up all this minimum wage

I got 4 good tires 3 days of vacation

And I’m too buzzed to wonder this way



Hey Amy

What do you say you save me

A dance a kiss a drag a sip

A place in your heart maybe

Why don’t you save me

What do you say you save me


Verse 2

Those lights will come on any minute

They’ll be puttin’ that old jukebox to bed

I can’t spend another week

Not knowing what you think

About these words I haven’t said



I’m not trying to slow you down

You could do worse in this town