By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I don’t know how your name ‘round town is

I don’t know what the up and down is

All I need to know is you

So close I can smell your hair

Get inside your eyes or breathe your air

Could be one where there was two



Pulling in and pushing out

Speeding up and slowing down



Jessica, if you knew me at all

You’d know that I can’t fall for you

Cause it would hurt too much

It would be too hot to the touch

And it would only pull us close and burn us both

And burn us both


Verse 2

I don’t know what I’m bound to say 

With my hands around your perfect waist

You make it hard to tell the truth

And I don’t know what I’m bound to do

When my lips are crying out for you 

I’ve got needs and feelings too



You tell me yes and mean no

You give me green and mean yellow



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I screamed myself to sleep last night

Couldn't clear my busy mind

Of the search for things I never get from life

I'm gettin better everyday

But a dollar's gettin hard to make

For a man that stands for anything at all



Don't lie to make it better

Don't try to tell me things are fine



I just need a little backbeat

Don't even need to hear a song

I can walk and whistle, tap my feet or sing along

I don't need doctor, there ain't a thing for what I got

I just need a little backbeat

I just need a little beat to get back up


Verse 2

Love and life are never fair

They push and pull you 'til you tear

And burn the pieces that you rip into

A little spark is all it takes

And you'll gladly give yourself away

To a cause or to a girl you barely know



And after all those choices

That led me to dead ends

They’re only dead if you get to scared

To start back up again

Sofa In The Sea

“Sofa In The Sea”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

If I could sail my house to yours don’t you know that

I would fasten all windows and doors 

I’d be on my way before the rising of the morn

And its’ low tide could keep my ship from sailing to your shore



You’d hear the roaring of the waves outside 

You’d know exactly what to do

I’d use my sofa as a lifeboat

I would sail it out to you



It could be you and me on a sofa in the sea

On the best ride of our lives

We could pretend that when we got where our trip would end

We’d just climb right back inside

Until our couch capsized

Til our couch capsized    


Verse 2

If I could be so bold to say

You could be the captain I would surely be your mate

We could both get married I would gladly take your name

Or we could just hold hands



The world won’t care about

The fact that they’re without the two of us 

Because our love’s so strong



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

One night in a bedroom you couldn’t ease your mind

Seven years on the table

Deep breath and closed your eyes 

Didn’t get it right

You made a sloppy exit

She wasn’t far behind

I looked in all directions

You knew you needed to hide



Heartbreaker won’t you feel brand new

Once you’ve broken down another love or two

You’re sick and twisted if you don’t feel shame

You hate to play it but you love the, love the game


Verse 2

I made the same drive over I’d made a hundred times

Hoping I wouldn’t find you

Praying I wasn’t right

I came around the corner

A fire in my eyes

It could have boiled an ocean

Your car was in that drive



I had my fist closed tight

Walked up and came inside

Got used to fighting for your team

But you didn’t have a team that night

Ain't Over Yet

“Ain’t Over Yet”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I know it’s not a plan if I just ask you for your hand

But there’s no guarantee this story even has an end

I know I don’t have money and I seem off track

But if you can be June Carter, I’ll be Johnny Cash



Then I could move your hips with mine

And tell you everything was fine



Cause it ain’t over yet

I know it’s messy but oh

This ain’t the way things end

I’ve spent the last three nights

Just drinking in my bed

And pouring over all those letters that you sent

Before I had to go and mess things up again


Verse 2

It wasn’t right to treat you like you weren’t made of gold

Or make you pay for every little lie I ever told

I know I’m out here begging for a second, second chance

But if it makes things better baby what’s the difference



This isn’t fair to you, I know that’s true and I hate it

But if we can just get through all the things I do I could change it

Need To Know

“Need To Know”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

6 dresses on your bedroom floor

6 never made it out the door

But then you poured yourself in 7

And you knew you’d be the center of attention

And you say kiss me, touch me

Just won’t leave me alone

You’re getting’ closer to me

You’re pullin’ at my clothes



I don’t need to know your name

I can see it in your eyes that you love to play games

Cause I can feel your hand on the back of my neck

Workin’ down to my chest and it’s makin’ me sweat

But you’re waitin’ on your boyfriend to come back

I don’t need to know your name if I can’t use oh

If I can’t use it, If I can’t use it


Verse 2

6 minutes we were out on the floor

In 6 minutes, had me wantin’ 6 more

Oh I never got to 7

But I know that you were lovin’ the attention

Then you kissed me, touched me

And said you had to go

You said you hated to leave

You wanted so much more



I’d like to think that I would know much better

That if you called me I would leave you be

But something tells me that it would not matter

I only melt in heat



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Well I gotta do better than I ever have ever

Bet small when it’s early on

But my head starts spinnin’ when a woman gets in it

Bleeds me dry and then she’s gone



Oh I’m a fool for love and you’re a mean-hearted woman

& I’ve been down on my luck so long

You’re makin’ storms look better

Than alone and in good weather

& I’m afraid that I can’t say no

So I need you to let me go


Verse 2

I got a big brother and a very good mother

My daddy sings it just like me

And I’m ashamed to say that if it meant you’d walk away

I’d probably trade ‘em in all three



There ain’t a good way to say stay away

I don’t wanna waste another day

Under your spell or in your hell

I’m over it

Honey Bee

“Honey Bee”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I like the life of a honey bee

Plays the whole thing out with just one sting

And if she can’t learn how to just be kind

She’ll have to leave the ones she loves behind




Misunderstood at picnics, swatted down at baseball games

Keeping flowers blooming while you try to earn your name



You’re just flying over families

Just beyond our reach

Running for your life so you can stay

You use your wings and keep your anger put away

Cause you’ve learned how to live to sting another day


Verse 2

You put the flavor in our tea

But in the spring you make us itch and sneeze

For the sweetest taste we sing your praise

But for the yellow dust we curse your name



Ain’t it just like people being at each other’s throats

Focused our difference

When what’s in common weighs the most