“After Tonight”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I don't usually do this and I'm sure there's a reason why

But I can't think of one that's good enough to not say hi

Although I don't even know

Just what we'll do or where we'll go

I was hoping you would come with me



After a pregnant pause you took my hand inside of yours

And whispered I know just the place



Hey this is crazy you're amazing

I don't know you at all but your eyes are alive

And I'm already planning the next 10 years of our lives

After tonight I would sell my name if it meant that the

Sun wouldn't rise on tonight tonight yeah tonight


Verse 2

I'm not one for playing dumb when I know just what this could become

And I don't wanna let you slip away

I could write your number on my hand

Or tie some string between two cans oh

For you I'd do anything it takes



Wake up next to me inspire my heart to keep it's beat

Touch my chest or take my name in vain

I'm all yours either way


“Ain’t Over Yet”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I know it’s not a plan if I just ask you for your hand

But there’s no guarantee this story even has an end

I know I don’t have money and I seem off track

But if you can be June Carter, I’ll be Johnny Cash



Then I could move your hips with mine

And tell you everything was fine



Cause it ain’t over yet

I know it’s messy but oh

This ain’t the way things end

I’ve spent the last three nights

Just drinking in my bed

And pouring over all those letters that you sent

Before I had to go and mess things up again


Verse 2

It wasn’t right to treat you like you weren’t made of gold

Or make you pay for every little lie I ever told

I know I’m out here begging for a second, second chance

But if it makes things better baby what’s the difference



This isn’t fair to you, I know that’s true and I hate it

But if we can just get through all the things I do I could change it


“Alabama Blue Eyes”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Maybe it’s time I dipped my toes back in and

Tested out the water, See what the temperature is

Maybe this time I’ll go a little bit slower

Try to get to know her before I rush to diving right back in



But it feels a lot like love

The kind Sinatra sang those songs about that nobody’s sick of



I can Tennessee see myself tonight in your Alabama blue eyes

And My Carolina love is at an all time high

I can Tennessee see myself tonight in your Alabama blue eyes


Verse 2

What do you say we skip a bit ahead and

Get out of town together, see how the chemistry is

We could go find ourselves some trouble baby

Nothing too crazy

Just wild enough to get away with it



Florence and Waterloo they got together and sent me you

And I never fell so hard

Florida might’ve raised you but your daddy’s music

Gave you the beat of a Crimson heart


“Always Never Change”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You were the one who came to me

Saying I’m sorry this isn’t working baby

You were the one who had to leave

I was just on the way to where you were going someday



But I’m finished this time

Taking you back’s a bad habit of mine



And I’m never gonna pick you up again

I couldn’t live you down

You take the northside baby

I’ll sleep alone downtown

I’m never gonna waste another breath

Trying to make you stay

I’m gonna always love you

You’re gonna always never change


Verse 2

I was the one who couldn’t see

All of the bad we were through all the good we could be

I was the one who lied to me

And said it was worth the hurt to keep from failing



You can crash all my parties on the weekends

You can date all my friends

But I don’t vacation where I’ve already lived



By: Steve Everett & Charlie Berry


Verse 1

Doing some jean jacket last call lying

Smoking my last cigarette

Yeah I’d take another beer if you’re buying

Cause I ain’t ready to go home yet

See I’ve been aiming at Amy since Lisa

Saving up all this minimum wage

I got 4 good tires 3 days of vacation

And I’m too buzzed to wonder this way



Hey Amy

What do you say you save me

A dance a kiss a drag a sip

A place in your heart maybe

Why don’t you save me

What do you say you save me


Verse 2

Those lights will come on any minute

They’ll be puttin’ that old jukebox to bed

I can’t spend another week

Not knowing what you think

About these words that  I haven’t said



I’m not trying to slow you down

But you could do worse in this town



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I screamed myself to sleep last night

Couldn't clear my busy mind

Of the chase for things I never get from life

I'm gettin better everyday

But a dollar's gettin hard to make

For a man that stands for anything at all



Don't lie to make it better

Don't try to tell me things are fine



I just need a little backbeat

Don't even need to hear a song

I can walk and whistle, tap my feet or sing along

I don't need doctor, there ain't a thing for what I got

I just need a little backbeat

I just need a little beat to get back up


Verse 2

Love and life are never fair

They push and pull you 'til you tear

And burn the pieces that you rip into

A little spark is all it takes

And you'll gladly give yourself away

To a cause or to a girl you barely know



And after all those choices

That led me to dead ends

They’re only dead if you get to scared

To start back up again


Bad For Business”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Lately I wonder if I have what it takes to be me

If I’ll ever keep up with my busy, busy feet

And why would a woman ever want to keep up with my pace

If she got within reach I would only add length to the chase



You say you’re ok if we take things slow

But don’t really mean it

You just can’t let go



I’m gonna be bad for business

I’m gonna be more trouble than I’m worth

I’m gonna seem cool for a second

But less as the minute hands turn

You’re gonna get cold and restless

Cause I’m gonna show up underdressed and too late

I’ll make excuses and you’ll grow to hate

That I’m good with words

And you’re gonna get hurt


Verse 2

King of the friendship, even better at being alone

But I’m cagey and cold when a lover is getting too close

I’m anxiously waiting for a woman to capture my gaze

And to hold the attention that others have seen fall away



Is it right to keep practicing love

When my half-hearted version is never enough

And if I just kept my feet on the floor would I slam less doors


“Better Yet”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Your tongue is poison and your lips can’t get away

From every evil little thing you make ‘em say

Your eyes are endless, like a canyon in the dark

And I’m afraid that you can’t see what you are


Pre Chorus

You’re ruled by fear

And overwhelmed by doubt and shame

For what you’ve done

But you wouldn’t change a thing



When you think of her, better yet, don’t think of her

Don’t even breathe when she comes around

You don’t even need to make a sound

And when you see her, better yet, don’t see her

Don’t even wind up near the places that she’s ever been

Or you’ll be seeing me again


Verse 2

You hate yourself enough to make you hard to love

And you keep trading who you are for what you want

You’re getting careless, like you’re trying to get caught

And I’m afraid that you’ve stolen all you’ve got



You’ve gotta find a way

To get to a better place

But you’ll do it without me



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I was rough and rugged

I was worse for wear

Took a bath in bourbon before I even got there

I needed warmth like a sailor who was lost at sea

For a couple thirsty nights that just now found the beach



And I can’t go back out

Maybe ever but at least not now



You said it’s OK, I hate boats anyway

And it blew me down and ripped me apart

It’s OK, I hate boats anyway

But I’d love to take a walk and just talk, just talk


Verse 2

Stealing all my sorrow, eating all my pain

You put it on like a heavy coat

And ran out in the rain

God knows I couldn’t, I know I tried

Screaming at the sea and begging for a kinder tide



Clean up my heart and pick a side

Cause I can’t be without you after tonight

Cause I might go back out

So I can be there when your sun goes down



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You can be safe with me today

Inside this house enough for now



Wouldn’t you say it’s time

You put your lips to mine



You can be brave tomorrow

You can make waves and rock boats

But baby just stay inside these walls tonight

You can be brave tomorrow

You can make waves and rock boats

But baby just stay inside these walls oh, oh

You can be brave tomorrow


Verse 2

You work too hard to try and guard

A part of you I can’t get to



You've had your unfair share of poetry and lies

So you locked your heart away with boundaries and lines


“Casserole Season”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Been slimming down since June

Nothing but exercise lean meats and fruit

I don’t much care about my bathing suit

I’m mostly just trimming down and saving room



Cause I know come mid December

I’ll be down to fighting weight

And ready to clean a couple hundred Christmas plates



This casserole season

Honeybaked ham and reese’s pieces

Regifted fruitcake from your friends

You’ll never eat but still accept

After your second second piece of pecan pie

Casserole season’s on my mind


Verse 2

I’ve only got a few more weeks to find a way

To talk my mother into making deviled eggs

Not just enough for us to all get one or two

But enough for me to sneak a half a dozen in my room



I just can’t wait to be so miserable

I swear I’ll never eat again


“Chased Me Down”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

All night I was doin’ fine just wanderin’ the whiskey world

Alright out of sight and mind runnin’ game on some other girls



And it didn’t even make a sound

When your love came and chased me



Down down down down chased me down

Your love came and chased me

Down down down

Your love came and chased me down


Verse 2

Tongue-tied lookin left and right

For the potion that you were passin’

Thought I was a bird in flight

Turns out I was slowly landin’



Walkin’ away from you wasn’t easy

But stayin’ away is proving fleeting


“Chemical Weapon”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

It’s too far for me to fall

To get back up and shake it off

This time a page has gotta turn

What fool did you take me for

Like I couldn’t walk through an open door

This time I’m finally gonna learn


Pre Chorus

That if a heart is kind it’s never gonna make it

Cause you are in disguise and sure gonna break it



Just like a chemical weapon (x 4)


Verse 2

Some loss and nothing gained

Is the recipe for the meal you made

This time I’m finally gonna leave it

I know how the saying goes

But revenge don’t mind if it’s hot or cold

This time I’m tryin’ not to need it



Set fire to either side

Watch on with my eager eyes

I won’t leave a stone unturned

Til this bridge is finally burned


“Dollars & Cents”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

We came form nothing

And we’re making our way right back there

We stole from our children like our children wouldn’t care

We bankrupted families

So that some of us could feast

And the crumbs from our tables is all they have left to eat



Dollars and cents, fears and regrets

We’ve become nothing but money and sex

We dumbed down our idols

We tied our own hands

We murdered for peace and we stole all our land

The home of the free seems to be all dollars and sense


Verse 2

We fear what is foreign

Like our families came from here

But our language was different

Back a couple hundred years

We can hoard all our riches

Thinking we can just pass 'em on down

But the walls to our castles

Stand on somebody else’s ground



We keep everyone from doing the things that we have done

We’ve forgotten our own past


“Fake It”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I dress like I’m famous and talk like I’m cool

I’m not sure if it’s more for me or you

I’m wearing all black in the middle of June

I’ve got my jeans rolled up just to show off my boots



I’m dressed for success

I’m going for gold

I’d rather strike out on three straight pitches

Than have regrets when I get old

Well you can wait to feel like someone

Til the world discovers you

I’d rather fake it til I make it than make due

I’d rather fake it until I make that just get through


Verse 2

I’m renting a room in a house downtown

I can’t afford booze but there’re bars all around

I don’t have but one bulb not burned out

But I’ve got a cool spot when my friends come down



Not an awful lot would change

If I had one song on the radio waves

Maybe pay my bills on time and have a lot more light at night

And get myself a new guitar or two




By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

What am I more afraid of

To lose or never find love

To bruise or never take a punch at all

Can it be true that I would walk away and try to hide

From one good thing because I can’t decide



My love is young

It’s just begun



I am a fool but I’m on my way to you

I am a fool but I’m on my way to you

Crushing mountains, leaving oceans in my wake

On my search for you


Verse 2

What am I more afraid of

To have or never hold love

To vow or never trust in love at all

Am I the only one who wishes days were never done

Who doesn’t like to have to start again



All these good intentions laid to rest

All these failed attempts were not my best


“Get There”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Put on your shoes and an over-sized shirt

We’re going to the show

I got a friend that works at the bar

And our names are at the door



I know I don’t have money right now

But there’s lots of room in my bank account

I know you’re looking for a man that’s got a plan



I don’t pretend to know where I’m going going

I don’t pretend to know where I’m going but I’m sure

I don’t pretend to know where I’m going going

I don’t pretend to know where I’m going

But I’m sure I’ll get there


Verse 2

I’m not your Dad or your friends or your brother

I’m an angel when you need and a devil in the covers

Nobody ever made a damn thing better than love



There’s an old cliché

Something 'bout a bird and starting early every day

But all it ever meant to me

Was stay away from anything that’s got a beak


Good Love, Good Lord”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

In the back of my mind there’s a bottle of bourbon

And a girl that I met last night

Well I took ‘em both down to the edge of the river

And we had us a real good time

In the back of my head there’s a conversation

Should I call her or make her sweat

And I’m wonderin’ if she took a sip of my whiskey

With a piece of my heart in it



Good love, good Lord

Good God good lovin’ on the river shore

The whiskey is long gone

But the buzz from you and me’s still going strong


Verse 2

On the back of my neck there’s a couple of scratches

That I’m pretty sure came from you

Either that or I got ‘em by bein’ on the bottom

Of a hard-hittin’ kiss or two

On the back of my hand there’s a phone number written

With a heart where the zero goes

And I’m thinkin’ of dialin’ and drinkin’ and smilin’

With a girl that I can’t let go



Any given time or any place

Never know just when your life can change



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

One night in a bedroom you couldn’t ease your mind

Seven years on the table

Deep breath and closed your eyes

Didn’t get it right

You made a sloppy exit

She wasn’t far behind

I looked in all directions

You knew you needed to hide



Heartbreaker won’t you feel brand new

Once you’ve broken down another love or two

You’re sick and twisted if you don’t feel shame

You hate to play it but you love the, love the game


Verse 2

I made the same drive over I’d made a hundred times

Hoping I wouldn’t find you

Praying I wasn’t right

I came around the corner

A fire in my eyes

It could have boiled an ocean

Your car was in that drive



I had my fist closed tight

Walked up and came inside

Got used to fighting for your team

But you didn’t have a team that night


“Historical Marker Marker”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I’m an historical marker marker, I ain’t made of brick or stone

Just a thin brown sheet of metal bolted to a long gray pole

I’ve never seen the battlefield my brother’s plaque describes

I just stand up straight and pray that travelers take the time



Hey someday, I hope my letters fade

Oh my bolt comes loose and turns my face

I don’t need the glory or the fame

I’d just love to feel a brand new coat of paint

And a heeling hand to set me back up straight


Verse 2

I’m an historical marker marker

There ain’t weather I ain’t seen

Or a single make and model burnin’ oil and gasoline

It’s been a couple thousand days since

I was forged, and cooled, and shaped and

Brought here and hammered into place



And every time it rains I fear for every driver passing here

And the crashes break my heart

And I pretend that speeding cars

Are meteors and shooting stars

When their headlights break the dark


“Honey Bee”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I like the life of a honey bee

Plays the whole thing out with just one sting

And if he can’t learn how to just be kind

He’ll have to leave the ones he loves behind



Misunderstood at picnics, swatted down at baseball games

Keeping flowers blooming while you try to earn your name



Flying over families

Just beyond our reach

Running for your life so you can stay

You use your wings and keep your anger put away

Cause you’ve learned how to live to sting another day


Verse 2

You put the flavor in our tea

But in the spring you make us itch and sneeze

For the sweetest taste we sing your praise

But for the yellow dust we curse your name



Ain’t it just like people being at each other’s throats

Focused our difference

When what’s in common weighs the most



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I don’t know how your name ‘round town is

I don’t know what the up and down is

All I need to know is you

So close I can smell your hair

Get inside your eyes or breathe your air

Could be one where there was two



Pulling in and pushing out

Speeding up and slowing down



Jessica, if you knew me at all

You’d know that I can’t fall for you

Cause it would hurt too much

It would be too hot to the touch

And it would only pull us close and burn us both

And burn us both


Verse 2

I don’t know what I’m bound to say

With my hands around your perfect waist

You make it hard to tell the truth

And I don’t know what I’m bound to do

When my lips are crying out for you

I’ve got needs and feelings too



You tell me yes and mean no

You give me green and mean yellow


“Jet Black Heart”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You use your sex like a weapon

You wear a smile like a lie

You’re dressing down for the battle

You’re gonna win if you’re gonna fight

You look a lot like your Mother

You talk a lot like your Dad

Half of you hates the other

But you keep on crawling back



And when the angel on your shoulder

Starts to talk a bit too loud

You just reach right for the bottle

Til the devil comes around



You’ve got a jet black heart

And a pair of eyes that look a lot like paradise

I was a fool to listen and a fool to listen twice

You look a lot like heaven

The kind that hurts like hell

You’ve got a jet black heart but sure do wear it well


Verse 2

You wear a dress like it’s honey drippin’ off your frame

You never make your way back home til someone’s had a taste

You swear it off every morning but when the sun goes down

You get an ice cold itch you’d rather scratch than go without



You’ve got a broken soul to sell

And some debts to pay as well

You never trust yourself alone

You’d rather rent than buy your own



By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

Ain’t heard from you since a quarter to 10

You said I’m off at 2 if you can make it til then

So Im watching Fallon in my going out clothes

In my black jean jacket just in case you show



You only get so many glasses from a bottle of wine

Before you reach for something harder

To waste a little more time



Waiting for you got drunk and stoned

Now it’s looking a lot like sleeping alone

I’ve been over the moon since our first sunset

Nobody keeps me waitin’ like Juliet


Verse 2

My bottle‘s empty and the bars are all closed

I’m pacing in circles & just checking my phone

Lady on TV’s selling diamond rings

But I’m getting’ ahead of myself I think



My eyes are heavy & my spirits low

Trying to tell myself we only met two nights ago

As I’m about to shut it down I hear the sweetest sound


“Last Tonight”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I’ve wasted too much daylight

Waiting for stars to align

I’ve spent too long inside my own mind

Waiting for just the right time



But it’s here I know

Because I can’t not go



Cause this could be the last night

I will ever get to feel alive

This could be the last night

I will ever get the chance to try

This could be the last night

I could take a chance on me or two or three

Cause this could be my last tonight


Verse 2

I wanna see the world

Through my own blue eyes

I wanna find the brightest stars and

Join them in the sky



My mother taught me lessons

My father spoke his mind

My brother showed me reasons

Not to ever waste my time


“Liquid Regret”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I have been sweatin’ like a dog all day

My head is poundin’ and my muscles all ache

I must’ve gone too hard at my neighborhood bar

That’s what these texts from random numbers all say

I found my keys in my refridgerator

And there’s a half-eaten pizza on my floor

I must’ve gone too hard at my neighborhood bar

Least that’s the picture that my camera roll paints



Next time you see me shoot tequila after 2am

And dancin’ up on some tables with some bachelorettes

It means my liquid courage is spent

And I’m about to cash it in for liquid regret


Verse 2

They say if beer comes before liquor

You won’t remember being sicker

But if you have enough of one by the time that it’s gone

The other goes down even quicker



Stop me if you see me on my phone

There’s only one way that’ll go

All I need’s a taxi when I say I need Patron

Cause I hate to drink alone



By: Steve Everett & Adam Doleac


Verse 1

Slap bracelets / LL Bean

Couple’s skate at the roller rink

From Full House to Dawson’s Creek

You and me since ‘93

Failing math but passing notes

Checking boxes yes or no

I was Jansport & JNCO Jeans

To your Puka shells and Abercrombie



I can give you what you want

Know exactly what you need

Girl I’ve known you since Ms. Davidson taught us how to read

Used to chase you on the playground

Patches on my knees

Oh I’ve been loving you since LMNOP


Verse 2

8th grade when Bryan C. stole you right away from me

Tried my best to leave you be

Til he broke your heart and you called me

High school came and high school went

Left for college still just friends

Freshman year with you again

A fresh start with the same old end



It’s been a couple years or three / And I was startin’ to think

That you forgot about me / But then the phone rings 


“Long Year”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Woke up way too early one morning late last fall

Couldn’t hear you breathing, couldn’t feel you on my arm

Lord the room was freezing with the window open wide

Spent the next month sleeping all alone & on your side



It’s been a  long year and some dark, dark nights

Since you threw a lasso ‘round the moon & rode it outta sight

I could see where you were headed so I tried to rope the sun

But he just burned my lasso off & said

Boy you’ve gotta let love run, It’s been a long year


Verse 2

I used to think your father’s love advice was always right

He said boy keep movin’, you’ll forget her face in time

He couldn’t have been wronger if wronger was a word

Cause your memory’s stronger than the best advice I’ve heard



And every shooting star that I see

I can’t help but wonder if you’re driving

And maybe you’re up in the sea of tranquility

Waitin’ on me to be what you need

So you can come back down and try it


“Love In Snow”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Christmas is coming and I don’t know why

But I always meet someone around this time

With my hopes up high and my fingers cold

It’s never hard to fall in love in snow

No it’s never hard to fall in love in snow


Throw on a scarf and take a walk with me

We’ll drink hot chocolate while we trim my tree

With my hopes up high and my fingers cold

It’s never hard to fall in love in snow

No it’s never hard to fall in love in snow



Everything feels right under tinsel and tree lights

You’re holding me tight

I wouldn’t change a thing tonight


Verse 2

Christmas is coming and I’m proud to say

That I haven’t thought of presents since we met that day

With my hopes up high and my fingers cold

It’s never hard to fall in love in snow

No it’s never hard to fall in love in snow


Put on some carols as the candles glow

I’ll steal a kiss under the mistletoe

With my hopes up high and my fingers cold

It’s never hard to fall in love in snow

No it’s never hard to fall in love in snow


“Love Is Leaving”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I hate things ever have to end

I’d rather go down with the ship than start again

But I’d have to hold you at the bottom of the sea

Cause love is leaving what is left of you and me

I’m not sure how much I can take

But we’re limping closer to that limit every day

I’d rather be blind than be a color you can’t see

Oh love is leaving what is left of you and me



I don’t wanna talk about the weather

Never make love without a buzz

Fake smiles for pictures on our anniversary

While love is leaving what is left of you and me


Verse 2

I wish I knew just what to say

But you can’t leave things better than you found ‘em if you stay

Our light shines red while other pastures turn more green

Oh love is leaving what is left of you and me



I suppose that I could make my way through the holidays

Cause I don’t wanna send you home alone

But after Christmas time it’s new years and then valentine’s

I guess the spring’s the way to go



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I spend all my nights on the lower east side

Like they might turn out to be the last I’m alive

But oh, Manhattan, it was too close for comfort last night

I woke up in Brooklyn and didn’t know why

Had a head full of questions and a pain in my side

Oh, Manhattan, think we danced quite a number last night



You led the way with your hand on my chest

As we stumbled the streets smoking $10 cigarettes

And with daylight approaching and our drinks running dry

Oh, Manhattan, you kissed me goodnight

Got in a cab and then yelled out the side

See you next time


Verse 2

Made my way cross the river with steps to retrace

No keys in my pocket but a smile on my face

Oh, Manhattan, not an inch of this town goes to waste

Headed down to the corner of Broadway & 8th

Found my keys and my coat, closed the tab in my name

Oh, Manhattan, You’re expensive but never a shame



I never leave quite enough time

To drive all your streets, bridges, tunnels, and lines

But if you keep the lights on I’ll keep stopping by



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Well I don’t know all the things you’ve done

Or just how many hearts you’ve won

But I’m not gonna wait on anyone’s maybe

Well I don’t know if you’re on your own

But I’m sure not the only one

That you’ve got hot round the collar

Wide open wallets baby



I’m a little bit cold when I think my time is wasted

I’ve been known to spit things out

When I don’t like how they’re tasting

I’m a little bit wild when I’ve had too much to drink

And I don’t much care about what them other boys think


Verse 2

Well I don’t know why you wore that dress

But that motion is seconded

And while it’s got my approval I’m for removal baby

And now I’m back in the game again

Riding that roller coaster skin

Baby you’ve got me competin’ planning & scheming, waiting



What would you do to a man like me

Should I find out or just retreat

What would you do to a man like me 



By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

I’m in trouble / Oh she wore the red dress

It’s got me feelin’ young and reckless

I was planning on leaving alone

& It can’t be right but it don’t feel wrong



Now I’m ordering shots at the bar

We can blame the booze if it goes too far

This is stupid / We’re back in the loop

As both lean in for that



Medicine / Medicine

I just wanna feel good again / Good again

I don’t care if it’s temporary

I need the fix that you always give me

So cook it up / Cook it up / Gimme that medicine


Verse 2

It spilled over to the parking lot

Now we’re kissing in your car with the doors unlocked

All our friends are back inside

Don’t know where we are but they’re not surprised



While I was buying us drinks all night

You were cutting ties with a boy you like

This is it / We can’t resist / As we both lean in for that 



Once the aftermath sets in are we back to lovers or just friends

Do we pretend that it never even happened



“Need To Know”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

6 dresses on your bedroom floor

6 never made it out the door

But then you poured yourself in 7

And you knew you’d be the center of attention

And you say kiss me, touch me

Just won’t leave me alone

You’re getting’ closer to me

You’re pullin’ at my clothes



I don’t need to know your name

I can see it in your eyes that you love to play games

Cause I can feel your hand on the back of my neck

Workin’ down to my chest and it’s makin’ me sweat

But you’re waitin’ on your boyfriend to come back

I don’t need to know your name if I can’t use oh

If I can’t use it, If I can’t use it


Verse 2

6 minutes we were out on the floor

In 6 minutes, had me wantin’ 6 more

Oh I never got to 7

But I know that you were lovin’ the attention

Then you kissed me, touched me

And said you had to go

You said you hated to leave

You wanted so much more



I’d like to think that I would know much better

That if you called me I would leave you be

But something tells me that it would not matter

I only melt in heat


"Never Love You"

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I've got a real bad habit of thinking I'm the one

Who can put things right when no one else could get it done

But a thing stays broken when it's broken for so long

All I do is paint myself another shade of wrong


I could never love you but I'm sure I'd love to try

Lost causes turn me on and cut my like a knife

You say you're borken and I just might be the cure

I'd love to fix you up and leave you wanting more

Verse 2

We could last the weekend, we could talk all night

I could let my shoulder soak up every tear you cry

But the morning's coming and the monday sun

Brings back the tears from all the battles that you've won


I'm gonna leave here with nothing cause you're not gonna change

And I'm not really sure why I like it that way


“North For The Winter”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Tell me a lie / One that sounds so true

I could take it to my grave / Even if there were no proof

Just give me something / I can hold on to

In a world that believes in nothing / I chose to believe in you



But you made me foolish / When you took what you’d need

And jumped out my window / Like a kid with a knotted sheet



So I’m gonna go north for the winter

Where they don’t know my name

Run til the temperatures change

North for the winter hoppin’ train to train

And hope that the cold dulls the pain

And strengthens my name

And changes my frame


Verse 2

Give me a courage / No one’s ever seen

Carve it out of a mountain / Let it burn like gasoline

So I can move forward / To fight the fear in me

Become the men I admire / Not the one that you thought I’d be



Every place that I see

Is a memory made with you next to me

And everyone that I know in this town

Asks me why you’re not around


“Numbers Game”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Damn the sun came up again

There’s lines of bright light on my bed

It makes hard work of sleeping in

When you drink most nights til 5am

It takes bout everything I have

To swing my legs over the edge and start again

Even my mirror’s disappointed in where I am


Pre Chorus

If comparison’s the thief of joy I’ve stolen all I can

I’d have to live well past 100 to feel good again



We all know how it gets played

You start out even and you can’t get back again

All I’ve ever had is letters to my name

And I’m afraid this here’s a numbers game


Verse 2

There’s that old storm cloud sneakin in

Turnin’ my dreams to common sense

Replacing blue with gray and dim

And I just let him

The margin’s getting pretty thin

My high’s and low’s are more like lines than waves I swim

I’m sure my friends are getting tired of hearing about it



I’ve never wanted for nothing

My mother’s loved me all my life

I’ve got a roof over my head and warm meals to eat at night

I think it’s time


Chorus 2

I change the way it gets played

Stop basing what I’m worth around my pay

If all I’ll ever have is letters to my name

That’s ok, ok


“One More Time”

By: Steve Everett & Jess Dondero


Verse 1

I got mad and showed her the door

Said “I don’t wanna see you ‘round town no more”

She came back at a quarter to 12

Had a handle in her hand and the other one on my

I should’ve known it would end like this

Girl you had me dodging bullets from your very first kiss

White lies can end up black if you add enough up

And start to lose track



And I’m not not not not not saying no

But I need need need need need you to go

Cause you know what I like and the devil inside’s

Saying what what what what’s one more time


Verse 2

You’ve got your bases covered, secret lovers

Hidden numbers on your phone

You’ve been off and on it all night long

And telling me that nothing’s wrong

Paranoia’s setting in

Got me second guessing you once again

Less sleep more cigarettes

It’s a broke down record that I can’t fix



You know a lot about changing my mind

You get your way most every time

And I’m afraid if I kicked you out

You’d just catch and burn me down


“Sad State”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

They say youth is wasted on the young

And I don’t disagree with ‘em

Cause I’ve been young for my whole life

And ain’t been carefree many nights



I never stop to look around me

Before I lean for my next step



I need a woman that can soothe me

A woman who can slow me down

Point my fire in the right direction

Steer me clear of the troubled towns

I need a woman who can get me there

But doesn’t tell me that we’re on our way

So if you see her tell her I’m in a sad, sad state


Verse 2

I’ve heard the starting is the hardest

And I’ve been told I ain’t the smartest

But even fools like me can tell

The finishing’s pretty hard as well



I hope you’re curled up in her bed

Lyin’ awake and wonderin’

If there’s a weary man that needs you

Who wouldn’t ever leave or cheat you


“Should’ve Known”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

You’re welcome for all

All of your stories and friends

I’m sure I’ll see you once you get tired of them

Go get your own life

You’re stealing pieces of mine

And telling friends they took you forever to


Pre Chorus

Find your place

Just make sure it isn’t in my way



You be the sound of leaving

I’ll be the background

So tired of trying to save you over and over again

You’re only imitating what I take time creating

Don’t like a thought of your own

I should’ve known


Verse 2

You’ve got this role down

Know every corner and curve

You write the script so you never need to get hurt

Go get your own mind

You’re stealing pieces of mine

And telling friends they took you forever to



You’ve lost your fire

You’ve lost your heat

I took the best thing that you had with me

Once sloppy seconds have lost their shine

You’ll take a number for the next in line


“Sick, Sweet Symphony”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Have you ever thought of blowing yourself up for no good reason

Have you ever tried to drown your mind in a gallon of cabernet

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one

Have you ever felt the people you loved were only assigned to you

And the only reason they were kind

Was it’s what they were paid to do

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one



And it’s a sick, sweet symphony

We make it hard to live for free

But if you ever get a taste of what you’re after

You’ll never let it be


Verse 2

Have you ever tried telling your heart it’s all down hill from here

Hoping it would captain all of your organs so they would persevere

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one

Does your mind change second to second

And do you have trouble settling down

And have they written you a hundred prescriptions

But you just can’t turn it around

You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one



I’m just a slave to my heart’s commandments

I’m beating horses deeper in the graves

I’m only breathing cause my lungs demand it

And just trying to make my way


“Sofa In The Sea”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

If I could sail my house to yours don’t you know that

I would fasten all windows and doors

I’d be on my way before the rising of the morn

And its’ low tide could keep my ship from landing on your shore



You’d hear the roaring of the waves outside

You’d know exactly what to do

I’d use my sofa as a lifeboat

I would row it out to you



It could be you and me on a sofa in the sea

On the best ride of our lives

We could pretend that when we got where our trip would end

We’d just climb right back inside

Until our couch capsized

Til our couch capsized   


Verse 2

If I could be so bold to say

You could be the captain I would surely be your mate

We could both get married I would gladly take your name

Or we could just hold hands



The world won’t care about

The fact that they’re without the two of us

Because our love’s so strong



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Well I gotta do better than I ever have ever

Bet small when it’s early on

But my head starts spinnin’ when a woman gets in it

Bleeds me dry and then she’s gone



Oh I’m a fool for love and you’re a mean-hearted woman

& I’ve been down on my luck so long

You’re makin’ storms look better

Than alone and in good weather

& I’m afraid that I can’t say no

So I need you to let me go


Verse 2

I got a big brother and a very good mother

My daddy sings it just like me

And I’m ashamed to say that if it meant you’d walk away

I’d probably trade ‘em in all three



There ain’t a good way to say stay away

I don’t wanna waste another day

Under your spell or in your hell

I’m over it



By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

Embers in fires and my hearts deep desires couldn’t hold you

New with the old from the heart of my soul didn’t warrant love at all

Time heals wounds but the blood that you loose is forever

On again off again, we were apart when together



Dreams begin to feel

Just like what is real



It’s not the same as it was when we laughed ‘til dawn

All of our goods and our greats they are already gone

Searchin’ for love made it easy enough to find

I’m callin’ your bluff cause you’ve taken enough of my time

Taken enough of my time


Verse 2

There was a cat and a mouse both inside of the house that we lived in

Usually feelin’ like I was the one being hunted

Slap in the face I was quickly replaced into always being last

Guess it’s true you can never make due with your past


You're only poison to progress

You never fueled my fire

It wasn't easy to hold you through all the walls and wire


“These Days”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

I’m a fool for love and I’m a slave to my ambition

I never get enough

I’m like a play stuck at intermission

All the setup is done

You know the players and the way they’re written

But if the battle was won

I’d be a warrior with no division



I beat my chest and I cannot rest



Cause these days are dying

Dig a hole and scratch a stone

These days are dying alone

With only hours left to go


Verse 2

I pretend to love cause I’m afraid I won’t remember

Which direction is up if I ever meet a real contender

All my kisses are shoves

Rushing seasons like a cold September

And winter’s weather is rough

Don’t think I’ll even make it through December



And I’m sorry I don’t know just where to go

And I’m sorry I don’t know which way is home


“West Coast Time”

By: Steve Everett


Verse 1

It’s a little bit like crazy

The way you shake me with a kiss

And no matter my intention

You always make some time for it


Pre Chorus

And though we live in Carolina

We’re in a different state of mind

We never worry bout the morning

We like the afternoon just fine



You and I we live on west coast time

From the left-hand side of my bed

I’m inclined to lie awake all night

With my heart underneath your head


Verse 2

You always give me the attention

I never got from other eyes

You’re never quick to point a finger

And no one else can change your mind



We got a lot to live for

We got a lot to say

We do our thinking in the evening

And all our sleeping in the day